Annual Picnic Majlis Ansarullah (E.C)

Report by Izhar Khan, Nazim Isha'at (E.C)

The annual picnic of Majlis Ansarullah Eastern Canada was held on August 5, 2023, at Park Rene-Levesque in Montreal, Quebec.It was a pleasant day, and the weather was beautiful.

The picnic officially began at 11:45 AM with Tilawat. Afterwards, Ansar began performing their assigned duties. A barbecue was set up and bicycles were arranged for a cycle safar (bike ride). There were two bike rides, a 5 km route for Saf-e-Awwal Ansar, and a 10 km one for Ansar of Saf-e-Dom.

It is worthy to note that Ijaz Sahib from Kingston Halqa travelled for the picnic on his bicycle and after attending the picnic, he left for the Ansar National Ijtima in Maple, Ontario on his bicycle. He covered almost 900 km on bike! Zuhr and Asr Salat were offered1:45 PM, after which Ansar brothers spent time together and enjoyed the barbecue, watermelon, roasted corn on the cob and delicious tea.

After Salat, Mohammed Latif Sahib, Nazim-e-Ala of Majlis Ansarullah Eastern Canada, announced some upcoming events, including the Ansar National Ijtima and the Run for Montreal.There was also a prize distribution ceremony in which Murabbi Ishaque Fonseca Sahib distributed prizes along with Nazim-e-AlaSahib. At around 5 PM, Ansar started windup and Waqar-e-Amal.

The picnic was attended by 127 Ansar. All Ansar brothers enjoyed the picnic a great deal and were all very happy to attend the event