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Jihad of the Pen

December 4, 2023 Mujeeb Ahmad 0

Editor’s note: The following is the transcript of a speech delivered by Safwan Choudhry Sahib at the occasion of the 45th Jalsa Salana Canada, on […]

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Cycle Safar

November 9, 2023 Mujeeb Ahmad 0

To promote physical well-being, camaraderie, and Majlis engagement,Majlis Ansarullah Muqami recently organized a cycling event aptly named Cycle Safar, which was held on the vibrant […]

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Atheism on Trial

November 7, 2023 Mujeeb Ahmad 0

Jalsa Salana Speech – Farhan Iqbal, Missionary, Ottawa Atheism on Trial: Exposing the Inconsistencies and Follies of Arguments Against God دہریت کے خلاف عقلی دلائل […]